Understanding the Size of Plumeria: How Big Does Plumeria Get

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Your favorite Plumeria flowers were named after the famous 17th Century Botanist, ‘Charles Plumier’. The plant Plumeria has different names in different regions like Kemboja in Malaysia, Melia in Hawaii, Phool in India, and Amapola in Venezuela. It is one of the most beautiful and eye-pleasing flowers that you can have in your garden. The plumeria blooms in different colors such as, White, Yellow, orange, pink, and red. The plant plumeria grows on relatively small trees which can reach up to six meters in height approximately.

The plumerias are very fragrant flowers. Some of them smell like citrus, jasmine, and peaches. The plumeria flowers are soft, creamy, peachy, and fruity. It can often be used as decoration in your meals. Moreover, they are edible. It is also used in making Hawaiian leis.

Typical Height and Width of Plumeria Trees

Despite the ornate appearance of the Plumeria flowers, it is not complicated to grow plumeria trees in your garden. The requirement to grow a healthy plumeria tree is less stunning. These flowering plants make ideal patio plants that grow and form small trees 5-10′ tall. The plumeria trees form an intricate lattice of branches that ends with a whorl of 20 long and glossy leaves.

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Plumeria Trees Growth Rate by Their Species

There are two types of plumeria species. They are Red Plumeria trees and White Plumeria. The Red Plumeria bears about 4 inches of flowers having different shades of colors, typically pink or red. Likewise, the White flowers grow 3 inches of flowers with white and bright yellow centers. Both trees may produce their flowers in spring or summer or fall. The Plumeria flowers perfume the air with the scent of their blossoms. If you have not grown plumeria trees in your garden, you can still recognize the plant’s blossoms. This is because the growth rate of plumeria trees is very species-specific. You will find that your red plumeria tree is taller than your white plumeria in the early stages.

Under suitable and optimal conditions, the red plumeria trees grow about 12 to 24 inches per year. Likewise, the white plumeria grows about 24 to 36 inches per year. When these flowers are not in bloom, you can easily differentiate between them, because of the length of the leaves. The deciduous leaves of the white plumeria tree grow about 12 inches. While the red plumeria grows about 16 inches.

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Optimizing the Growth Rate of Plumeria’s

If you properly care for your plumeria tree that would have a positive impact on the growth rate of the trees. The environmental conditions also contribute directly to its growth rate. Though you can’t control the weather conditions and other factors such as temperature, however, some steps can be taken to mitigate or overcome adverse influences.

You are likely growing plumeria in your garden for its fragrance and beauty but if you plant the plumeria in a location that doesn’t receive the full sun, its growth rate will be potentially slower. Moreover, the plant would not reach its flowering potential. Well-draining soil is a must-have for your plumeria tree. Although you can’t control the rainfall, you can plant a plumeria on a raised berm. This will allow the plumeria tree to receive an adequate amount of rainfall.

How to keep the Plumeria Plants Small?

Plumeria is best grown in tropical climates. However, they can be grown in pots and overwintered indoors in a cooler climate. You will find this tree to grow up to 30 feet which is equivalent to 9 meters. But you can keep them compact and in a manageable size by regular pruning. You can find ‘dwarf plumeria’ in the markets and bring it to our home garden. As they are easy to manage and beautiful for your garden.

Planting Plumerias in Pots

A plumeria plant can be grown in pots too. It is ideal for balconies, sunny courtyards, and decks. Moreover, you can plant any kind of plumeria flower as the potting soil will not allow the plant to grow at its highest level that you might not prefer. Here are some steps that you can follow to grow frangipani in pots:

  • You can choose a large pot that has plenty of drainage holes in it. You can also use potting soil that is easily draining which would mitigate the soil from waterlogging.
  • You must ensure that the frangipani receives at least 6 hours of daily sunlight. You can place the pot in a plant stand which has wheels to make it much easier for the plant to receive sunlight.
  • You need plenty of water during the summer and winter seasons to grow Plumeria.
  • They too require plenty of fertilizer. Thus, you can use a liquid fertilizer once or twice a week during summer and spring.
  • Once the temperature starts to cool down, you can stop watering and fertilizing them, and move your plumeria cuttings indoors if you reside in a cool climate.
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Pruning Techniques to Keep Your Plumeria Small

A plumeria flower planted in a garden can grow up to 18 to 24 inches ( 45 to 60 cm ). Hence, regular pruning is essential to keep the plumeria tree small and compact. The best time to prune the plumeria flowers is in early spring. However, you can remove the diseased branches to keep the tree healthy.

Trimming the upper part of the tree helps to limit the size of the trees. Moreover, it encourages the plant to grow branches on different sides and gives it a fuller shape.

In the case of a potted plumeria, you can do the same too. The potted plumeria will benefit from yearly pruning that would keep the size of the tree small.

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Key Takeaways on Understanding the Size of Plumeria Trees

The typical height of Plumeria can vary and depends on the variety and growing conditions. For instance, a red plumeria is much taller than a white plumeria in the early stages of its growth.

Plumeria Trees can be grown and taken care of very easily. The size of the tree can be made compact and small using various kinds of methods.

Pruning a Plumeria tree will help the plant to get rid of its large size. Moreover, it will be pleasing to your eyes. Potting a Plumeria also mitigates the high size of the plant.

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