Plumeria Cutting Propagation: How to Grow Plumeria Cuttings

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Do you already have a Plumeria plant growing in your garden and want to grow more using its cuttings? Let’s learn how to propagate Plumeria using Plumeria cutting. Our perfect guide on taking proper care of Plumeria cuttings for their propagation will help you make more Plumeria plants having healthy rootstock.

As this plant can be grown in two ways i.e., either using seeds or through greenwood cuttings. You will learn everything about how to root Plumeria cuttings in potting soil using greenwood cuttings.

Key Takeaways

Here are few points to keep in mind when you take Plumeria cuttings:

  • Use gloves to get a cutting as the sticky sap of the Plumeria plant might get stuck to your hands.
  • Make sure the cuttings are taken from a disease-free and thick branch of the plant.
  • Avoid taking green or young cuttings as they might not root properly.
  • You can take dark green ones as they are mature branches.
  • If you notice that the Plumeria cutting you’ve picked is wrinkled, put it in water overnight.
  • You may also buy cuttings from garden stores or order them online.

Materials and Tools Needed for Plumeria Cuttings Propagation

Plumeria cuttings propagation is easy. All you need are a certain tool to grow the Plumeria plant healthily. The following materials and tools for Plumeria cuttings propagation will help you grow this plant from its cuttings. You need to gather these supplies before following the steps involved in Plumeria cuttings Propagation to grow a healthy Plumeria plant.

  • Sharp Knife or Pruning Shears
  • Rooting Hormone
  • Pots or Containers
  • Potting Soil
  • Humidity Dome or Plastic Bag

Steps involved in Plumeria Cuttings Propagation

Growing Plumeria plant using cuttings is the most common method followed by Plumeria plant owners. Using Plumeria cutting to propagate produces an exact copy of this plant. Spring and summer seasons are considered best to follow Plumeria propagation methods.

Plumeria cutting propagation

Rooting Plumeria cuttings need perfect conditions as some of them might take longer than others. Once you read this article on how to propagate Plumeria, it won’t be difficult for you to grow the Plumeria plant.

You’ll also be able to avoid a few mistakes while trying to prepare healthy cuttings or potting mixture. New root growth is possible and is most successful if the Plumeria cuttings are placed on heat or a growth mat.

Preparing the Plumeria Cuttings

You should follow the given steps to prepare the Plumeria cuttings for propagation.

  1. Pick a non-flowering stem. It should be between 12-17″ long.
  2. Clean the secateurs.
  3. Check a leaf node and use the secateurs to make a 45-degree cut below the leaf node.
  4. Now keep the Plumeria cutting to callous. If you allow it to callous, it won’t rot when you’ll insert it in soil.

When you see the Plumeria cuttings calloused and dried, they can be planted. You can also store the cuttings before planting by wrapping them with plastic wrap and tie with a rubber band. Remember to secure the cut end of the Plumeria cuttings before storing them. The dry root growth ones can be stored for up to 2-3 months. Discard any new roots that have signs of mold or disease.

Rooting the Plumeria Cuttings

If you have a potting mixture consisting of perlite and pea gravel mulch, it would be easy for you to grow Plumeria directly. The good drainage will help grow Plumeria from cuttings especially when they develop new roots growth. Proper drainage will let it form good roots.

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When taking Plumeria cuttings for rooting, you must take care of the above point as they don’t have a way to transport water until they get their first roots. This might make the stems rot too. This is why we allow the green cuttings to callous before.

  1. Take a small black container or pot of approx. 6inch. Black pot is recommended as it supports the young plant to growth by stopping direct sunlight or controlling drainage.
  2. Take 2/3 perlite and 1/3 potting soil to make a perfect potting mixture.
  3. Keep at least a 1″ distance between the pot rim and the top layer of soil.
  4. Next, you must mark your cuttings 4″ from the bottom.
  5. Next, make a 3″ hole in the compost you have made.
  6. Now dip the Plumeria cutting in the rooting hormone.
  7. Take this cutting and place it in the hole in such a way that it is level with the pot rim.
  8. Pour water into the pot and check if it is coming out from the bottom of it.
  9. Put pea gravel up to 1″ of the topsoil. It will not let the water settle around the base of the stem.

Caring for the Newly Rooted Cuttings

You need to follow some steps to take proper care of the new root growth. The main steps are pruning, watering, feeding, and Light for Plumeria cuttings.

  • Pruning will help to make some beautiful Plumeria flower trees from flower buds.
  • Don’t let it grow high in a particular direction as it might look leggy.
  • You can cut some pairs of leaves from above or above 3 feet.
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  • You can start this, especially during winter as it helps it grow.
  • Plumeria or Frangipani cuttings shouldn’t get too dry, but they shouldn’t be kept in water always as well.
  • You can wrap plastic around Plumeria cuttings to keep it humid. This will not let the soil dry out.
  • Sometimes the young plants might take a longer time to flower as they might not have formed good roots.
  • You can use a liquid fertilizer to boost the blooms from the new root growth. This fertilizer can have an N-P-K ratio of 10-52-10 along with high phosphorous to promote flower bud growth. Make sure it has a balance of all three major nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous) to develop the new root growth.
  • Direct sunlight or full sun exposure shall be avoided for Plumeria cuttings. You can keep it in a well-ventilated space.
  • You can also keep them indoors if the indoor temperature is less than 10 C or 70 F.
  • Or you can keep the young Plumeria outside but in shade with dappled light during the afternoon. Remember to not keep it in full sun.

Tips for Successful Plumeria Cutting Propagation

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To successfully propagate Plumeria cuttings to grow beautiful Plumeria plants, you must use a healthy, disease-free cutting. Once you pick these, ensure that these plumeria cuttings get proper light (avoid full sun exposure) and water to grow a healthy Plumeria plant. These newly potted plant shall be provided with a warm and humid environment until it grows well.


Now that you know that Plumeria plants do not require frequent care so you can easily take care of the one in your home. Just make sure you keep them watered during the growing season and keep them in shade or less direct sunlight. You can also feed them twice a month and enjoy some beautiful fragrant flowers with quick growth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Plumeria Cutting Propagation

What are Plumeria cuttings?

Plumeria cuttings help to produce an exact clone of the parent plants. Cuttings’ properties are unaffected by rooting or grafting. If taken in the spring and summer, Plumeria cuttings are typically relatively simple to root.

When is the best time to take Plumeria cuttings?

Summer is the best season to start taking your Plumeria cuttings to root. Simply cut a branch into 12 to 18-inch pieces. The cuttings might be one continuous length or multiple branches, with the branched cuttings tending to produce the bushiest plants.

How do I take a Plumeria cutting?

If you already have a healthy growing Plumeria plant at home, you can easily take Plumeria cuttings from the same and grow another Plumeria plant by following the steps given below:

1) On the mother plant, locate a strong branch.

2) Sanitize the knife’s surfaces with a 10% bleach solution using an extremely sharp knife.

3) Separate the offshoot from the parent plant (near the leaf node) by making a careful cut.

4) To prevent fungus from growing, dip the chopped end into sulfur powder.

5) Carefully pull on the cutting to inspect. Cuttings with roots won’t succumb. Put it back in the water and wait if it pulls away. Test once more a month.

6) Start exposing your fresh Plumeria plant to sunlight once the new leaves have entirely unfolded.

7) Plant the plant in a stable, year-round sunny location in your gardens or a huge container in a location with full light after it has acclimated.

How do I care for Plumeria cuttings?

To safeguard the Plumeria cuttings, cover the cutting’s tip with plastic wrap so that the end develops a callus, and let it sit for two weeks. After two weeks, add one-third perlite or pumice and two-thirds cactus mix to a one-gallon plastic garden center pot. This mixture will swiftly drain, keeping the cutting from turning brown once you plant it. You can keep it in direct sunlight once it is planted.

How long does it take for a Plumeria cutting to root?

A plumeria normally takes 4 to 8 weeks to establish itself. To raise the topsoil temperature and promote the growth of the roots, put the planter on a seedling mat. When new buds begin to appear on the edges and top of the cutting, Plumeria cuttings are rooted. 

Can I root Plumeria cuttings in water?

Cuttings of Plumeria can be successfully rooted in either soil or water. A plumeria cutting needs to be rooted in water using additional procedures. The benefit of Plumeria establishing roots in water is that you might observe the process as it begins. This will help you to know whether you’ve picked the right cutting to grow your new plant.

How can I know when my Plumeria cutting has been rooted?

To have the best results out of Plumeria cutting, place the cutting in a good humid environment. To provide a balanced sun and water to the cuttings, you need to keep a check that the soil doesn’t get damp. You will know that your Plumeria cutting has rooted successfully if it has leaflet formations on the top.

Can I propagate Plumeria from a single leaf?

No, plumeria cannot be propagated from a single leaf. However, you can produce your Plumeria plant from cuttings or broken branches of an established plant if you wish to. The branch must first be stripped of the majority of its leaflets and dried before being planted in the potting material.

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